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Camping in Cornwall

A group of us went on a trip to Cornwall, must have been roughly 1988 ish. If you know any of these people, or indeed if you are one of these people, email Neil Bundy with any information you have.

I've gone to the trouble (!) of making thumbnails for this page, to give you more clue as to whether you want to look at the photo... So click on a photo for a larger, slightly clearer version.

  • Graham 'Geeps' - here we see him in a couple of 'action' shots
    Action! Ta da!
  • Antony 'Joey' and Thane 'Thane' - eating the fabled Camp Donuts
    Mmm! Ooh yeah. Today we're making camp donuts...
  • Torquil 'Togs' - beach tussle and close up
    What a state. All clean again
  • The Gang - Shirts on and off...
    Beach bums Homeward bound...

    So if you have any info on any of these people, let me know.

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