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Rogue's Gallery

Click on a link to see full picture. From now on, newer photos are coming in at the top (why didn't I do this from the start?)

They were asked to line up in order of how trashed they felt...[Click]

Spiral and Iris, and another inquest into Spiral's disappearing eyes...[Click]

If you know the Island, you know The Wight Mouse Inn (and Clarendon Hotel). You may not know it's patrons, however...[Click]

The Outside Force and myself. The building that this flat is in was set on fire (most probably by my landlord)...[Click]

The Scary, the Scared, and The Scariest... And.. someone else... You choose...[Click]

Only the sincere can face the awesome might of the camera's stare...[Click]

Atropos and Spiral on a train. Sandwiches, hilarity and thumbs all round...[Click]

Yes, there is indeed a game made from The London Underground. Woo, and indeed, Yeah!...[Click]

When Spiral and Iris got married in the US (send in more photos people!), there was a special cake...[Click]

The Cake from further away... (Call it a scale shot)...[Click]

When boys (!) are girls (?)...[Click]

Sir Iris Efflux...[Click]

Another of Outside Force's early nude modelling shots...[Click]

Cats are cool, and kittens are cute...[Click]

Jez does cool (or at least thinks he does ;-)...[Click]

Jehanine's MUFC pass...[Click]

Some things are best left unsaid...[Click]

Jehanine didn't escape the 80's, but then who did...[Click]

Manchester Uni Film Soc was never meant to look like this... Or was it...[Click]

We named him the Lord of Flies...[Click]

Captain Whimsy showing us what we all already knew... He's all mouth ;-) ...[Click]

Apparently I look slightly like Mother Theresa. I don't see it myself...[Click]

Another picture of your webbie being daft...[Click]

Hmm, another shot of your webbie far too early in the morning (or indeed, afternoon ;-)...[Click]

When the Reds came triumphantly through Manchester at the end of the 1999 season, J9 and I were there. See my hand and David Beckham in the same shot!...[Click]

Me ol' mucker, Davey. Ha ha. And so forth...[Click]

Spiral Lobster, Atropos, Cokaigne and Davey (not in that order) at Spiral's 23rd Birthday celebrations...[Click]

Old photos of Spiral Lobster, in his larval days...[Click]

The Outside Force, ready to go out...[Click]

The Outside Force, maybe planning to stay in...[Click]

Webmaster looking worse for wear whilst on holiday...[Click]

Spiral Lobster wrestles with a teabag...[Click]

Spiral and Cokaigne power across Lake Windermere...[Click]

Jehanine revels in the cold on Windermere...[Click]

Atropos in shock fridge sex snap...[Click]

The Outside Force displays alien powers of eating...[Click]

An Associate in raptures of joy after sloppy kiss...[Click]

Jehanine in natural state with Wittgenstein on her lap...[Click]

Captain Whimsy - in his Koko suit from the Mikado...[Click]

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