Introversion (I):
Extroversion (E):
Sensing (S):
Intuition (N):
Thinking (T):
Feeling (F):
Judging (J):
Perceiving (P):

Making your MBTI code:

This code represenents which of the Myers-Briggs types you belong to, according to the test. Note that this is only a very approximate test, and is no substitute for a professional psychologist assigning a personality type to you, and the personality type doesn't completely define who you are. However, two people with the same type will have some common features.

The developer of this test wishes it to be noted that owing to a lack of Sensing people in the test pool, there is a slight bias towards Intuitive over Sensing in the current test (you may get a few more points in Intuitive than you perhaps deserve...)

Detailed descriptions of the personality types are available by clicking on the links (which will open a new browser window), but a summary of what each means is given below. Where an X is in the code, look at both possibilties.

The summaries are given in the following form:

The tag name is the best description for the most common careers for people of that personality type.

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