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The site of the Tropist Monks of Byzantium, and their
games-producing non-profit organisation Discordia Incorporated.
Come stay awhile in this roomy ensemble, where the
air is clear and fresh, and the only flowers on tables
are the ones that grow there naturally.

Greetings, salutations, cliches and extolations!

What news from the world of the Tropist Monks... well, after a brief period of civil war things have quieted down considerably under the leadership of the austere and magnificent Max, Pharoah Mone Extraordinaire. The dark days of my rule have ended - All Hail Max!

As far as I know (which doesn't count for much), there are still vacancies for the role of Festival Whip and Argent Provocateur (or Silver Champion) for anyone who can be bothered to take them. (You don't need to tell anyone - the moment you have made the decision you have assumed the role - even if someone else has done the same). Remember that with these roles comes no rights and no responsibilities. Dare you accept the challenge?

While these pseudo-political offices remain empty, an unnatural peace and prosperity can be the only route forward. Do we, a Discordian Cabal of much ilk, really want the absurdist conflict to end so soon? Time will tell (in its exclusive CNN interview "Time: Behind the Ticking").

In more personal news, my quasi-Discordian novel 'Downtime' was nominated for an award I can't remember, and the sequel, 'Dreamtime' is now in production from Jacobyte Books. The many reasons you should feel emotionally blackmailed into buying a copy of 'Downtime' can be found in the previous "editorial".

With Spring in the air (Webbie: Took me a while to get this out didn't it?) and the Festival of the Moirai behind us, the images are breeding. Why not check out the Gallery and see what's new? Or you can go to the What's New link and find out what's new for yourself. Or you could submit something new yerself. Why not, it might be fun...

Remember - your lungs and your stomach are the gateway to your mind (especially for small, airborne burrowing aliens with a taste for neurons - probably best to avoid those).

My unlimited love to you all,

Spiral Lobster - the signature
Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSA (by license), MESA, AOPotVig (Honorary).

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