Discordia Inc.

The site of the Tropist Monks of Byzantium, and their
games-producing non-profit organisation Discordia Incorporated.
Come stay awhile in this roomy ensemble, where the
air is clear and fresh, and the only flowers on tables
are the ones that grow there naturally.

How We Met Eris, And Then Exploited Her

So, is this a commercial site masquerading as Discordian propaganda or Discordian propaganda cunningly disguised as a commercial site? The answer, inevitably is Yes (in some sense). If you've come here, chances are you're a Discordian, or interested in Discordianism, or someone who mistyped 'Accordian' into their Search Engine . Perhaps you're a sad lonely person who hopes to make friends over the Internet, in which case we recommend that you disconnect right now, purchase a fine bottle of wine, a hand-rolled joint and a mid-range prostitute. You will feel much better for it. If you live in the Land of the Free, or any other oppressive regime where prostitutes, marijuana or wine are not readily available, we recommend a trip to Amsterdam.

This is the site for the Tropist Monks of Byzantium Cabal, who celebrated their tenth year of a feudin' and a fightin' last Havvoth Nar . We have managed to attain the spurious status of premier Cabal in both Manchester and London, and quite possibly in Knoxville, Tennessee too - truly our membership crosses all boundries of nationality, decency and species .

Discordia Incorporated is Europe's Only Games-producing Secret Society, a non-profit organisation (we don't take a penny out of their finances for our own use - we don't even get wages for Goddess' sake) that makes role-playing and board games. Some of our members also work in the Computer Games Industry, but alas it's tough to bring Discordianism into that arena. We have these games for sale , but just to show that we're not money grabbing bastards, we're also giving all our games away absolutely free! All you have to do is download or print them yourself and enjoy.

Other marvellous things you will find here include the only known Rhesus Factor Fan Site (please email us if you know of another), a collection of entirely random links to fun things and extracts from the books of Spiral Lobster, the highest-selling UK Discordian author and Acting Omni-Benevolent Polyfather of the Virginity in Gold for the entire Discordian Society. Me, in fact.

If you find anything here that brings you pleasure, please take the time to email our Webhero Cokaigne [or visit our guestbook - Cokaigne] to thank him for all the time and effort he has put into making sure this site is the best of all possible Tropist Monks of Byzantium sites.


Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Spiral Lobster - the signature
Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSG, MESA, AOPotVig.

The Webmaster says:

Hi there.
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Reach me at webmaster@discordia-inc.co.uk for feedback, items you wish to see, contributions etc. We're really friendly, so don't be afnord.

Oh, and why not visit our Guestbook and leave us a message!

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