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His Name is Dirt... Graham Dirt

Recently, our humble website was graced by the presence of the illustrious Graham Dirt, who blessed us by signing the guestbook. Graham Dirt is a very important member of society. We know this, because he tells so, and who are we to doubt the mighty Graham Dirt.

It seems Mr. Dirt has taken an offense to one of the images in the Gallery which he finds "disturbingly ugly". He demands that we remove the photo immediately, since he is so very, very, important, and we should listen to him.

Well far from being deaf to the cries of the blind, we at Discordia Incorporated are ever ready to launch ourselves valiantly into the fray. And so, we ask all our visitors to take a moment to peruse the gallery and decide which of the images is the most disturbingly ugly. Whichever depraved image wins will be awarded a special "Image of the Moment" prize, and given pride of place in the Gallery. Email your votes to webmaster@discordia-inc.co.uk!

We hope that our swift and decisive response will satisfy the needs of the clearly Very Important Mr. Dirt, who is probably an ISTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You too can find out which semi-arbitrary personality tribe you belong to by trying the newly webmagicked Spiral Lobster Fast MBTI Test which will effortlessly tell you things you didn't know - or even want to know - about anything you like, provided it's what your MBTI type happens to work out as.

Glad to see stalwart Discordian hero Rev.Verthaine the Goth, K.S.C gave Avatar a try - this is a great little fantasy RPG and available free to download here at the Discordia Incorporated site. Why not have a look at the game once described as "the last great fantasy RPG of the twentieth centure"? And why not have a look at the good Reverend's cabal's homepage - The Non-United Church of Eris of Gothic/Industrial Saints can be found at http://www.geocities.com/averthaine. Or perhaps check out the twisted world of Shifter - the game once described as "a nitroglycerin enema for time travel games".

Submissions to the Discordia Incorporated site are welcome! With Havvoth Nar just around the corner, we'd sure appreciate some random crap from the great unwashed masses.

We do ask, however, that any Rhesus Factor submissions do not violate international copyright law. You may use the names of any of the characters from the infamous iconoclastic comic series, but we cannot display images from the comics without risking a slap on the risk from the Four Horsemen of the Bureaucracy. (If anyone wants to draw their own images, they would be more than welcome).

My unlimited love to you all - may your arteries nearly explode with delight at the joys of this unparalleled website.

Spiral Lobster - the signature
Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSG, MESA, AOPotVig.

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