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Countdown to Meltdown

As I write, Gencon UK is only a few weeks away, and the Discordia Incorporated staff will be hanging around giving demonstration games of Shifter for anyone in Manchester for the event. It should be fun, and we hope to sell a few copies of Shifter while we're at it.

We're really glad to hear from all of you who've been playing Avatar and Shifter and enjoying it, especially those of you who go on to order paper copies of our games and thus restock the coffers of our meagre bank account. When we have enough, the next project will either be Avatar 3rd edition, or a new card game entitled Legends which is a fast paced multiplayer quest game, quite unlike anything currently on the market.

Anyone interested in play testing these products should contact slavemaster@discordia-inc.co.uk and give them your details. Be warned it will be six months to a year before either project is finally dragged kicking and screaming to the printers. Tickets to watch the Editor go absolutely ballistic in the last two days before the final deadline are available. (Perhaps we can cover it with a Webcam? (Yeah, and charge subscriptions... Big Editor - one man; one project; two days; no money - Webbie)).

Artists with time on their hands and a penchant for fantasy art should contact submissions@discordia-inc.co.uk and volunteer. Please remember, however, that we are a non-profit organisation and none of the DI slaves get paid for their efforts. You will get an opportunity to buy the game "at cost", however, which is the closest to a perk we have.

On the subject of Avatar, we are proud to announce the Alpha-version of the Avatar Player Character Generator, a Windows utility that automates making characters for Avatar. This has been the single most requested addition to the Avatar system for some time now, and we're glad to unleash this version onto the Avatar fans. Coming soon - a new release of the World Building Map Kit, which generates contour maps for use in Avatar World Building.

A lot of people have asked me: "Is Graham Dirt real?" which seems like a fascinating question. I suggest that the answer to this question may be buried in Jehanine's article on Truth, but then again I may just be trying to plug some of the great Discordian articles we have here on the site. Read the latest from Graham Dirt. Don't know who we're talking about? Drive your mouse pointer like a spike through this.

A special mound of gratitude and assorted uberhugs go to all the Tropist Monks and Associates who made the wedding of the Polyfather and his Polybride such a wonderful, wonderful event. Let's get some photos into the gallery as soon as possible!

May your flour be free of weevils, and your weevils be free of tyranny,

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Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSG, MESA, AOPotVig.

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