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The site of the Tropist Monks of Byzantium, and their
games-producing non-profit organisation Discordia Incorporated.
Come stay awhile in this roomy ensemble, where the
air is clear and fresh, and the only flowers on tables
are the ones that grow there naturally.
Swik is upon us again, my friends, and for those who do not know what the merry old bitchin' season is really about, check the litany of Swik which we wheel out every year to all and sundry. Remember, when you are elbowing your way through the mall to buy gifts you can't afford for people who should be perfectly content with what they already have, that the spirit of Greed and Commercialism are the constant companions of the Winter Festival, except for the lucky few who are still practicing something that resembles Christmas, or for anyone Jewish who gets to light candles and enjoy some religious sincerity whilst the rest of the Western world is mired in tack.

New and delightful toys to amuse on the site - including a Discordia Incorporated competition to win a copy of the most derranged time travel RPG ever invented, Shifter. You must enter, it is your destiny.

If you're new to the website, be sure to sign the Guestbook. If you're a returning guest, why not sign the Guestbook as someone else. They'll thank you for it when they discover it is worth 250 extra bonus points when they give you the final scores when you check out at the end of the game. If you score enough, you get to take on the Afterlife, which is a really tricky level because you have no corporeal body. Be sure to save often.

And that's all the time the Polyfather has for now, as he must prepare his flight for the Swik 11.2 (December 25th). Yes, he must travel to foreign lands, including Germany, the United States and the Independent Citystate of London, spreading joy and laughter and placing ontological landmines across the length and breadth of reality. All to be with Mrs. Polyfather in time for the end of Swik - truly a time to rejoice.

Remember that Spiralday is just a few weeks away, so if you treat the Polyfather nice you may get something in the Spiralday Honours List. More astute Discordians will know an even easier way to get something in the Spiralday Honours List.

Finally, infinite thanks and a jar of sweeties to Atropos, the Apportioner, the Severer, the One Who Binds the World, for taking over the helm of our esteemed organ, d8mer; who better to take charge of the official printed form of Tropist Monk low calorie, fat-free propaganda than an entity who is responsible for cutting the cord of life when it has passed its alloted span? Answers on a postcard, please. Bury the postcard in your cat's litter box and await further instructions encoded in scent.

My unlimited love to all life, and wishing you all a tolerable Swik and an epic Spiralday.

Spiral Lobster - the signature
Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSG, MESA, AOPotVig.

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