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Once in an ego, there comes a book, so significant, so utterly important, that it justifies the casual use of hyperbole on a scale not usually seen outside of Hollywood trailers. Such a book is 'Downtime', the Acting Polyfather's first e-novel, and the dawn of a new era of Discordian fiction.

Downtime - by Spiral LobsterYes, we haven't had much Discordian fiction since dear old Robert Anton Wilson stopped writing fiction, but the Acting Polyfather has pressed forward and begun a trilogy of science fiction novels (the first of which is out now from Jacobyte Books) which are a stepping stone towards publication of his magnum opus, 'Disorganised Religion', which will be the great Discordian novel of the 21st century. (Always assuming, of course, that no-one else writes a great Discordian novel that century).

This is your chance to do your duty for Eris and for the hell of it and help support 'Downtime' by buying a copy. Yes, you too can cave in to our shoddy logic and (cue deep booming voice) BUY MY BOOK.

What's it about? Sex... drugs... quantum physics. Some philosophy. There are plot and characters too, but I don't want to go into that here.

What's in it for you? Well, not only do you get a book that I guarantee you will enjoy (*This guarantee will probably not be honoured*), but you will be buying an e-book and hence you can feel as if you are embracing the future. You can even buy a "print on demand" version, if you just have to have paper in your book to feel happy. But most importantly, the Polyfather absolutely guarantees (really this time!) that he will send you a voucher good for one Free Enlightenment if you buy this book, read it and then send an email to downtime@ihobo.co.uk saying what you thought of it - good or bad.

Or, if you don't want to buy an e-book, at least hassle that friend of yours who is always buying new stuff and lording it over everyone about how cutting edge and trendy she, he or it is. Get them to buy it - it's an ebook, how much more cutting edge and trendy could it be? (Don't answer that).

Meanwhile, what's new on the site. Errr... why not click on the What's New link and find out for yourself.

My unlimited love to you all - but an extra serving of love to anyone who BUYS MY BOOK (or persuades someone they know to do so),

Spiral Lobster - the signature
Spiral Lobster, KSC, OphiM, SSG, MESA, AOPotVig.

PS: If this gross commercialism offends thee, then protest by BUYING MY BOOK. I promise you that all the proceeds will go towards alcohol and drugs.

PPS: Happy Havvoth Nar to all I have not already wished it to. 12 AA already... my, doesn't time fly.

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